Where did Cotton On in Bowral go?


I seem to be having a lot of traffic coming here looking for info on Cotton On in Bowral. The building it was in has now been flattened. It would be a shame to lose it already – great for kids clothes!

The official response from Cotton On:

“Unfortunately, some of our Cotton On stores only have short leases, and as you mentioned ‘test the waters’. At the moment we do not have plans to re-open the store, however I will pass your feedback onto our Senior Retail Management team to review.”


The most magical time in the Southern Highlands is almost here – spring!


There is something magical about watching the Southern Highlands gear up for spring. Even though it is still a few weeks away, that is not stopping nature from making its mark already. Blossoms are already starting to blossom and tulips getting ready to burst open with full colour.

Nature’s way of showing off the Southern Highlands


Nature has put on a spectacular display over Mittagong and Bowral in the past week – naturally I had to share.

First up was the most amazing double rainbow. I have since learned that the second rainbow in a double rainbow has the colours in reverse – amazing!



This double rainbow was followed a few days later by the most amazing clouds I have ever seen. As my five year old son put it, “Mummy it looks like a gigantic spine!”

Did you know you can claim M5 tolls?


As I was sitting here filling out my M5 Cashback Scheme form, it occurred to me that this warrants a post. Not because I am actually doing my admin on a freezing Tuesday afternoon, but that many people are not aware of this scheme. I know from personal experience that it would have been very handy to know about when we moved here from Sydney 3.5 years ago. Instead we paid 18 months of M5 tolls, unaware that we could claim them back.

Yes – that’s right!  Living in the Southern Highlands (or anywhere outside Sydney to be exact) does make you exempt from the M5 tolls. Well you do get charged up front, but once you get your quarterly statement from your tag provider, then you can claim the M5 tolls back (but you still have to pay the GST).

To be able to claim though, you need to register for cashback with your tag provider. You can’t claim for tolls incurred before your register. Click here for more details

For more details about making the move from Sydney to the Southern Highlands, read here.

Southern Highlander Elizabeth Young to showcase latest works in Sydney


While Sydneysiders Guide to the Southern Highlands is usually about showcasing what’s going on in the Southern Highlands, it’s also important to put the spotlight on local Southern Highlanders as they share their talents further afield.

One such talent is artist Elizabeth Young. Following the success of her solo exhibition at the Light Horse Gallery in Robertson last year, Elizabeth is heading to the centre of Sydney’s art scene to showcase her latest works.

“Through Different Eyes” is a joint showing of recent works by Elizabeth Young and Collette Jonquieres. The exhibition will be held at Depot 2 Gallery, 2 Danks Street, Waterloo from 17-29 September 2012. Drinks with the artists will be on Saturday, 22 September from 3-5pm. The gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday – so make sure you pop in to show your support.

If you can’t wait until then, Elizabeth is currently exhibiting six paintings in the new Hospice Shop in High Street in Bowral. The new community shop raises money towards building and running a proposed hospice in the Southern Highlands. Support the local community and visit the shop.


Southern Highlands in full autumn glory


Southern Highlands in full autumn glory

Centennial Vineyard’s amazing trees always make for a good photo opp!

Kids now flocking to Berrima’s new playground


If you haven’t yet visited the new playground in Berrima – you MUST!

A friend mentioned to me that it was great, so I had to check it out and now my kids are hooked. Complete with a great flying fox, bucket swing that will fit four kids comfortably on it, as well as a fabulous fortress with spiral slippery slide, bridges, plenty of things to climb on, fireman’s pole and lots more.

There are a few picnic tables and toilets nearby, with plenty of grass to have a picnic.

Finally our playgrounds are getting a makeover!