Spring is here – hello tulips


It is always exciting when the first tulip of spring comes out. Sad I know, but it means that another Southern Highlands winter is out of the way and there is colour back in my garden!


The most magical time in the Southern Highlands is almost here – spring!


There is something magical about watching the Southern Highlands gear up for spring. Even though it is still a few weeks away, that is not stopping nature from making its mark already. Blossoms are already starting to blossom and tulips getting ready to burst open with full colour.

Nature’s way of showing off the Southern Highlands


Nature has put on a spectacular display over Mittagong and Bowral in the past week – naturally I had to share.

First up was the most amazing double rainbow. I have since learned that the second rainbow in a double rainbow has theĀ colours in reverse – amazing!



This double rainbow was followed a few days later by the most amazing clouds I have ever seen. As my five year old son put it, “Mummy it looks like a gigantic spine!”

The sails have finally breezed into Lake Alexandra in Mittagong


Finally the kids playground at Lake Alexandra in Mittagong can now be used in the middle of the day thanks to the recent addition of sails over the playground to keep it a little cooler and protect our precious kids from the sun.

The playground used to be deserted in the middle of the day as the equipment was too hot to use and is now thriving again!

Huge thanks to Wingecarribee Council – money well spent (this time!).

So long winter!


I know most people in the Southern Highlands will rejoice today – the last day August ……. and most importantly the end of winter!

It has been a long one for most, full of bad wind storms, freezing cold and lots of nasty illnesses being shared around.

But it wasn’t all bad – we had some gorgeous warm weather too, confusing our gardens into thinking spring had arrived early.

Happy spring!

The best time in the Southern Highlands is almost here!


That’s right, Spring is just around the corner and already the Southern Highlands is in full bloom ……… a wee bit early.

The sun is shining, the blossoms have blossomed, the daffodils are out in full force and the weather is just glorious.

Before we know it the Tulip Time festival will be on in Bowral.

There’s no better time to come and visit!



Winter hit the Southern Highlands today …… far too early for my liking. It was a high of 13 degrees and it is only April. Yikes!

Thank goodness for the sunshine!